Amerinet Quality Education


Amerinet realizes that maintaining compliance with credentialing and other required education can be demanding and expensive for our members and their staff. But, it's a financial burden we can easily eliminate. Amerinet's strategic education partner, Inquisit, is affiliated with more than 30 accrediting agencies so we can fulfill the required Continuing Education clinicians and staff need to do their jobs - and do it well.

Through the Amerinet Quality and Education Program, members receive the following timely education solutions from healthcare's top experts that is vital in today's care environment:

Materials Management Learning Institute (MMLI)

Inquisit developed a specialized program for healthcare professionals in the purchasing and supply chain industry. Inquisit understands all the planning and vigilance that goes in to this particular aspect of healthcare, and can offer support with our proprietary Materials Management Learning Institute (MMLI). Click here to learn more about the different ways the MMLI information can be delivered.


iInfluence is a specialized and proprietary program developed by Inquisit. The iInfluence program will positively impact your organization’s alignment, productivity and effectiveness. When you hold an iInfluence seminar, Inquisit will work with you to tailor content to meet your specific needs. Potential topics include negotiation skills, diversity training, performance and process improvement and team building. Once you determine the right curriculum for your business, Inquisit will send leaders from the industry to your facility to conduct the training. Increase productivity and invigorate your organization with iInfluence.