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 Hardwiring Excellence

by Quint Studer

Hardwiring ExcellenceWith the announcement of Amerinet’s exciting new Studer Group partnership, it seems especially appropriate to feature Quint Studer’s landmark book, Hardwiring Excellence, as one of our Book Selections. The fact that this book has been a national bestseller for most of the nearly 10 years since its original publication, speaks for itself.

In 0.28 seconds, a Google search on “books on excellence” revealed 2,330,000 possibilities! Every book title in the search results contained similar key words – pursuing, driving, measuring, passion – that otherwise leads the reader authoritatively down the long road to “excellence.” What can be derived from the millions of sales of these publications is that people feel it is pretty darn important to find meaning and make a difference through their work.

For those of us who make healthcare the center of our purposeful work, Hardwiring Excellence provides the framework needed to break down barriers and enable employees to experience satisfying work, physicians to successfully practice medicine and patients to feel that they have received the highest value and most respectful service. This publication is rich with delightful and inspirational “tried and true” pearls and tactics.

In this first of many Quint Studer publications, he shares his personal and transformational journey that has become the foundation for the successful Studer Group’s reproducible training methods, employed and measurably “hardwired” at over 950 organizations over the last several years.

Click here for a transformative and motivational look back to the detailed tactics within the Nine Foundational Principles:

  1. Commit to Excellence
  2. Measure the Important Things
  3. Build a Culture Around Service
  4. Create and Develop Leaders
  5. Focus on Employee Satisfaction
  6. Build Individual Accountability
  7. Align Behaviors with Goals and Values
  8. Communicate at All Levels
  9. Recognize and Reward Success

Hardwiring Excellence truly is an opportunity to reconnect to the purpose that brought you to the world of healthcare and to rekindle the “Fire Starters” out there in your organization. You’ll likely shed a few tears, especially with “Brian’s Story,” but you’ll learn a lot and even get a chuckle along the way, as it embodies the human journey of purpose, worthwhile work and the ability to make a difference. Happy reading!

Fun facts about Hardwiring Excellence:

  • Over 420,000 copies are in circulation since 2004
  • Made Business Week Bestseller list in 2008
  • Chapter Tools: All the resources in Hardwiring Excellence are available as free downloadable PDF’s at (same for all our publications)
  • Universities across the country associated with the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) use Hardwiring Excellence as curriculum for their under grad and grad programs
  • Hardwiring Excellence is also available in audio 


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