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At Amerinet, we believe the only path that's right for your healthcare facility is the one designed only for you. We are here to help you create that path and then follow it confidently with the right mix of tools, guidance and ongoing support. We promise a commitment to listen, create and deliver what no other healthcare solutions organization will: An answer as original as each member we serve. In today's complex and ever-changing world of healthcare, there's no one recipe for success. But there is Amerinet. Learn More ›

From clinical and operational efficiency improvements to quality and safety promotion, from cost-reduction strategies to legislative support, Amerinet partners with you to overcome every challenge by engineering a precisely tailored solution that is wholly and solely yours. 

It’s time to discover exactly what works for you. 

It’s time to discover Your Amerinet.

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The Evolving Frontier of Telehealth
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Amerinet and Office Depot, Inc. Help Small Business Expand, Provide Immunizations to Thousands of School Children in South
HNH Immunizations puts their Amerinet membership to work by partnering with supplier Office Depot to develop an extensive marketing campaign to expand their business.
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